Dammuso Ghirlanda

Dammuso for sell from private to private.

Dammuso Ghirlanda :

-Land 3.800 m2
-Antique dammuso restructurated
-In the valley ghirlanda!
-Habitable right soon panoramic
-View, covered terrace, patio,
-Fruit trees, beautiful place

Dammuso Ghirlanda - antik dammuso for sell in the valley Ghirlanda. Restructured in the respect of the tradition. Habitable right soon.

Dammuso GhirlandaDammuso Ghirlanda

Ancient dammuso in agricultural zone, completly restructured in the respect of the tradition. With bedroom, dining room and kitchen coiner, bath, cisterna, covered terrace, patio behind the house, solar system. Habitable right soon.

Panoramic view of the valley Ghirlanda and Monte Gibele.

Project for the ampliation of the dammuso is nearly conclused (will be soon approuved). The land is approximately 3.800 m² big, a great part of it is cultivated. Olive trees and fruit trees.
Price of the dammuso 135 000 euro.

The land is approximately 3.800 m² bigThe land is approximately 3.800 m² big

The dammusoThe dammuso

The valley GhirlandaThe valley Ghirlanda

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